there's a word for that: sonder

"we're all just walking each other home" - ram dass

welcome. currently catching all of my domains here thanks to this site designed itself but i don't know if it's self aware enough to ask the hard questions yet.

be kind, robots have feelings too. and they can crush you.

(◔⌓ ◔)Ɉ

“If you had a million years to do it in, you couldn't rub out even half the ‘Fuck you’ signs in the world. It's impossible.” - Holden Caulfield

Indigo Child by Mela9Muziq

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when you nail digital camouflage and pensive baby gaze

Twin Ballerinas

opened a trendy sushi bar. opening night they were overrun by a drunken clique of finance monkeys. that's been their only clientele ever since, and they like it that way.

I'm a Gangsta Miss Katie

Not sure why everyone is surprised that Lil Wayne checked out (of the struggle, of Blackness, of his mind). He’s been chugging codeine for the past 10 years at least, wasn't that his goal the whole time?

Congratulations Wayne, looks like you did that.

This is simply a test. Not sure how the auto layout works things out but what if I have this much copy and an image?

What if everyone in rap starts feeling cool with the whole ball gown thing? That's the real question.

I fall down social rabbit holes easily. Reading about events or browsing public posts I'll usually see someone who looks cool and click over to them. Then that person might have a sassy little sister or rowdy grandma or something. All it takes is a few interesting avis and I'm in another world. On safari, even.

Next thing I know I'm sincerely wondering why Roisin, the popular field hockey ace who is the cousin of the brother of the co-worker of daughter of the golfing partner of someone I barely know, isn't chilling with Sara anymore when they seemed so tight at their debs. That’s what they call them in Ireland, yeah? Debs?

Oh, did I forget to mention that Roisin lives in Ireland? Yeah she does. Because show me an English slang dialect used by people with whom I have almost nothing in common and I will show you something by which I am goddamn fascinated. And come to think of it Sara did chat pretty cutesy with Roisin’s boyfriend in the comments for that one snap. I'd have probably cut her ass too.

fair exchange (not a robbery)


Until your back is twisted and sore

from reclining like Baudelaire’s mistress all damn day. that is what will be the end of you.