stealth and a little sinister.

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Anonymous HHKB GH60

tfw your profile is the lowest but you still floss.

Making these again. Theme hunting. Recently fell in love with Elliot Alderson, this seemed as good a throwback as any.

Charm For Miss Teen Episode 1

Monique is relaxing while everyone else gets edgy.

Betty’s such a bitch. But she's the primary Dreamy One so what else to expect?

I have a handful of old etiquette books that I read for a laugh now and then, but this is the only one with pictures. If you need tips on crossing your legs and not causing a scandal, I'm your source.

You sure you need that face on your head?

I have several thoughts on things, but this is more than I could ever say.

tfw you decide to make a reality show about a troupe of vigilante squirrels who dabble in interpretive dance because that would prove that you are, indeed, conscientious.

That's kind of how my logic shakes out some days. And some days it's pretty linear. More abc, less wtf.

I'll take them both, no doubt about it. I’ve dealt with considerable bullshit, but one thing I don't know is the heartache of a counterfeit thought.

So I nurture all of mine as a matter of necessity.

Make no mistake. Im already knowing.

I handpicked this life.

But probably plying teenaged betties with cheap beer in the Land Cruiser dad bought you for your birthday is.

Hypothetically speaking.

Or If You Want

You can do things you used to do that caused laughing fits. I encourage it, actually.

no wings, but I have this little spacecraft.

Not all of us made it on to this tiny rock the same way. That's why you see some people turning cartwheels while others are struggling just to breathe. One should never be too quick to judge. You never know if someone is in their element.

they may be from here but not of here.

they may have every earthly advantage, but lack the intangible qualities required to make an impression.

butterfingers with a Midas touch.

or perhaps they are simply passing through, on their way to somewhere more suited to their constitution.

or maybe. just maybe. you are very lucky and they are visiting from very far ahead or ago or away.

no matter what, keep quiet and listen. hopefully you've found kin.

another secret

tall poppies should protect their necks.

a secret

What's funny is that most people phone it in, making it not very hard to lead a pack. Try just a little, put your neck out there, and you’ll be noteworthy. Try harder than that and you're a big, bright, shining star. There's no guaranteeing anyone will notice, but if that's what you're in this for you've got the wrong dimension, anyway.

Charm For Miss Teen the Movie - Trailer 1

Betty asks the girls what they should talk about for Charming Girl Party Time, Monique is having leg issues.

until your back is twisted and sore

from reclining like Baudelaire’s mistress all goddamn day. that is what will be the end of you.