Here is the challenge

The theme is “Re-imagining Ageing”

Malaysia is a rapidly aging population. So there is a need to focus on this population

We have identified several areas of need

  1. Delivery of care
  2. Social Connectedness
  3. Patient tools and Home Based Care

Delivery of care

The current provision of health care to the elderly is still based on hospital-based and episodic encounters. The complex medical histories and management must be meted out in a short space of time. The numbers of medications often escalates making adherence to therapy often suspect. Often the numbers of doctors are not few, with fragmented management often the case.

There is a need to aid healthcare professionals in delivering more holistic and personalised care to the elderly.

Social Connectedness

As one ages, the social circles often start to diminish. Many are left isolated as they spiral into loneliness and depression. Maintaining connectedness in the current digital world should no longer be a tall order.

Patient tools and Home care

The presence of the internet has enabled continuous real time monitoring of patients via connected IoT devices. Applications are now abundant making daily tasks simpler. Homes can now be designed to be technologically advantageous to the elderly folks.