Pillar 1 - Developing better diagnosis, treatment and surgical aids

Pillar 2 - Re-defining the delivery of care and services.

Pillar 3 - Integrating care at home using wearables / IoT

Pillar 4 - Promoting a holistic, patient-centred care

Pillar 5 - Creating smart solutions through data analysis and machine learning

Pillar 1 – Developing better diagnosis, treatment and surgical aids

Health technologies have profoundly addressed and transformed the diagnosis and management that patients receive ranging from diagnostic aids, surgical aids to robotics. Often, this requires reliance on medical/surgical input. In Health Hackathon KL 2018, we are bringing the right medical experts to you to tackle with the complexity of healthcare problems!

Pillar 2 – Redefining the delivery of care & services

The delivery of healthcare is slowly moving away from “brick and mortar” model, creating an urgent and dire need to innovate both the practice and delivery of healthcare. This demands for improvements in administrative, pharmaceutical and financial aspects, ensuring a continuous care and connectivity with your healthcare providers.

Pillar 3 – Integrating care at home using wearables/ Internet of Things

Remote patient monitoring is now made possible with the availability of wearables – which enables real time sensing of movement, measurement of altitude, distance and speed, and biometric measurements like blood pressure and heart rate. All these data flows into the cloud ecosystem by the interconnected devices, improving the efficiency of care delivered. With the increasingly seamless data access and processes, the ability to bring care to patients at the comfort of their homes is becoming a reality.

Pillar 4 – Promoting a holistic, patient-centered care

The focus of our healthcare system is shifting from disease-centered model to patient-centered care. It promotes mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical healing, in part by empowering patients and families through the exchange of information. For instance, areas of patient adherence and drug monitoring has become focus of interest in enhancing quality of care.

Pillar 5 – Creating smart solutions through data analysis & machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) – the ability to analyze large amount of data and make sense of it, coupled with machine learning – is an intelligence that continue to awe-inspire us. Now, with AI, we can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a platform and utilize Amazon’s Machine Learning capabilities to create smart solutions in healthcare.