1. Once registered, you can list your projects in preparation of pitching day on January 6, 2018.
  2. On January 6, projects that are listed on Sparkboard will be given 15 mins each to pitch their project.
  3. You are encouraged to present your project on January 6 although new projects can be listed by January 12th 2018.
  4. No more new projects will be accepted after January 12th.
  5. Select the pillars that best reflects your project. You are to choose only one. This is to help facilitate the right mentor(s) for you.
  6. Between January 6-12, you are to work with your team on your listed project. You can use this time to select or attract new team members that can help strengthen your chances of winning. During this time, a timetable indicating possible meeting times between you and your mentor(s) will be made available.
  7. A central secretariat will be set up where all enquiries and help can be directed. [email protected]
  8. On January 13, you are to gather again. All subject matter experts and interested parties will be present to help you as you prepare your final presentation.
  9. On January 14, you are to present your work to a panel of judges. Winners will be selected.