Health Hackathon 2018

6 - 14 January 2018 @ Sunway iLabs

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN (Eventbrite)Sparkboard to list projects

Health Hackathon has started!

Come and join the projects or create your own project. Registration is still open. Be part of the inaugural health-themed hackathon.

Shouting out to web and app developers and programmers! You are needed!

Closing date and time is 12 January 2018 at 11.59pm.

It’s finally here! Come and join this unique experience!

A little about the logo and how it represents the spirit of the hackathon.

The Health Hackathon logo was designed by Chip Dong, HHKL’s Design Lead. (

It is inspired by the game of Tetris. Tetris is a tile-matching puzzle video game, originally designed and programmed by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov. Our hackathon will be anchored in collaboration and matching of different talents to achieve an objective. The ability to form a congruous group wins the game!

Pillar 1 - Developing better diagnosis, treatment and surgical aids

Pillar 2 - Re-defining the delivery of care and services.

Pillar 3 - Integrating care at home using wearables / IoT

Pillar 4 - Promoting a holistic, patient-centred care

Pillar 5 - Creating smart solutions through data analysis and machine learning

OBJECTIVES of the Health Hackathon

  1. Demonstrate collaboration between the Health IT hacker/maker/developer, public / patients, academic and corporate sector in a healthcare ecosystem to solve problems together and leverage cutting edge technology
  2. Cultivate innovation to those in the ecosystem with direction from the right subject matter experts
  3. Platform for new talents to be discovered

What you need to do…It’s simple.

Step 1 : Register You may register here

Step 2 : List your Idea on our “Sparkboard” Upload your idea that will “Re-Imagine Healthcare". Link here

Step 3 : Pitch Present your ideas and describe how they reflect the Pillar of Innovation. You can include pictures or videos for maximum effect.

Step 4 : Selection & Grouping. If you do not have a project as in Step 2 or Step 3, you can select and apply to join the listed project of your choice.

Step 5 : Compete

Attractive incentives! Innovate, create and win!

Top Prize

RM 8000

A place in Sunway iLab’s Accelerator programme (terms and conditions). Details here.

2nd Prize

RM 3000

3rd Prize

RM 1000


Well almost everyone with an interest can participate.

Health professionals, designers, programmers, developers, health IT enthusiasts, medical students, engineering students, technology / IT students and the list goes on!

January 6, 2018 PITCH DAY



Sunway iLabs

It will be held at Sunway’s iLabs.

iLabs is a unique, not-for-profit concept where Sunway University, Sunway Group, and Sunway Ventures (Sunway’s Corporate Venture Capital arm) work closely together in a collaborative space to foster entrepreneurship and stimulate market-driven innovations. And the it does not stop there. We are also syncing with the wider start-up ecosystem in Malaysia and abroad through collaborations and strategic partnerships, to enable entrepreneurs to scale their business faster.