The delivery of healthcare

The point of care

If there is a single point in healthcare that matter most, it is likely the quality of the patient-doctor relationship. Ultimately it all boils down to this one aspect that will set the tone for entire healthcare infrastructure.

Technology has to help and aid this very moment in healthcare. Making it efficient and pleasant for both the patient and caregiver. Ensuring that information is passed in the most efficient of manner to the patient and to provide doctors with enough information to assess the patient.

From analytics to some form of artificial intelligence, technology has the potential to revolutionise healthcare. Maintaining care even in between clinic visits is possible, offering a continuous care rather than episodic encounters that likely does not accord proper care.

How doctors use technology and engage patients is key. This group must find it useful so that their patients will also engage in their own care via this technological ecosystem. Many EMRs fail as doctors find them cumbersome and to some, impede the delivery of care and communication with their patient.

Digitisation of healthcare has to start in medical schools. It is at this point that students can learn to utilise technology in this era. It is inevitable but change is so fast paced that many have difficulty catching up.