Raising Venture Capital for Healthcare

Universities should not be overlooked and that research grants could be a way of raising much needed funds. The potential in consumer led innovation is huge.

Choosing investors may be important as the varied sources of capital was discussed. The role of advisors, who are experts in their own right, is pivotal and should drive the direction of the project.

Careful thought of the business model, preferably with a regional perspective is advised. Having research based evidence could be the deal maker with investors. The current climate also may favour a service based solution as it tends to be scalable.

Mediconsult was the sponsor of this event.

It was an enlightening and lively event. The panelist consisted of a fairly diverse group. They include :-

- Prof Dr HM Goh
GM, China Medical and Healthcare Group Ltd; Former Medical Director/COO, UM Specialist Centre.
- Adam Yap
Managing Partner, Future Health Ventures | COO & Executive Director, HealthEngine, Australia
- Dr Marcus Voo
Founding Partner at Connectivest Ventures | Founder at MediHealth - VEO Clinic
- Dr Melissa Foo
Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility, MaGIC | Managing Partner, EMAZ Capital Management | Early Stage Investor | New York Angels | Director, mydentist.my