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Hacking Health Clinic Series : Uberisation of Healthcare

Technology is growing at a rapid rate over the last couple of decades. A whole new generation is growing up in an environment where communication is seamless and where the world literally resides within your computer.

Healthcare remains an area where change has been slow. The financial, airline and retail businesses have been rapidly adopting technology to its advantage. It is inevitable that the delivery of healthcare will change in the years to come.

There are already a few startups focusing on delivering healthcare in this digital era in Malaysia. It removes the need for a physical space and literally puts healthcare at your fingertips. At Hacking Health, we believe that this is the way forward. However, regulation in this area is still lacking and the potential for disaster remains high. Planning its future course especially among stakeholders is key in order to ensure its sustainability, growth and acquire a high adoption rate among the different strata of society.

This session hopes to understand the inspiration behind these healthcare startups and to tackle some of the pertinent issues surrounding ‘Uberisation of Healthcare’.

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