Building a community

There are many individuals wondering what on earth does Hacking Health do. Hackers have never come with positive impressions, so why would one want to be part of this?

At Hacking Health, we endeavor to build a community where conversations and ideas are free flowing. This culture must be cultivated if we are to succeed in improving the healthcare IT landscape.

Do we need to be IT savvy to be part of this revolution? Do we need to be cash rich to be part of this phenom?

Clearly no. What is needed is pure passion and a determination to make a small difference in how things are currently done. It is about achieving an ecosystem where boundaries are absent and where sharing for the betterment of the society is the ultimate goal.

Innovation can only mature in an environment where honesty and clarity of the mind becomes the catalyst for progressive discussions, germinating ideas via cross polination.

There are truly no strings attached. The movement belongs to the community that drives it always endeavouring to minimize bureaucratic hurdles via a solid platform backed by brave and foresighted innovaters.

Be part of the community and let’s make a ripple.