An evening with Ms Sovita Chander

November 4th, 2016 at 6.30pm, Auditorium 9th Floor, Block A, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Event has passed.

Come November 4th 2016, at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, there will be a session involving a Hacking Health Volunteer from Canada.

The proposed topics in this dialogue.

- Health IT Integration and interoperability. HL7 and FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).

- Market strategy. Go-to-market is her current business focus. Among the topics, What are startups doing differently than the more established firms? Which healthcare-related startups are seeing traction? And in which markets?

- New diagnostic capabilities, imaging and machine learning. Applications in modern medicine.

- What are some of the innovation projects that are seeing traction? What kind of support or help do they need, if any?

"When you bring a new product to market, making those numbers isn't just about the product. It's also about the buyer and their journey. I help healthcare and technology firm identify their market opportunities and then build marketing and messaging that speaks to what buyers actually need." Sovita C.

Her Linkedin profile.