About us and this site

Hacking Health Kuala Lumpur chapter was founded in 2015. It is part of a revolution worldwide involving several countries.

Our team is a mix of healthcare and IT professionals. A common passion drives us to be part of this exciting global movement to bring innovation to healthcare in an innovative way.

We believe that Hacking Health can be a platform to create a new culture of IT development in healthcare. Allowing the assimilation of two distinct disciplines is crucial to creating meaningful technology. Bridging this divide is the core reason of this journey.

The community within Hacking Health has been awesome and this transboundary fellowship is bound to propel a new cultural revolution in Health IT development, especially in developing nations like Malaysia. Spreading this excitement to the region of South East Asia is part of our endeavour.

This site will highlight some of our thoughts and possible areas of focus. We intend for it to be as stimulating as possible, always entertaining possible collaborations with those in this area of interest.

Come join the ride!


Professor Jai Mohan, Prof Dr Goh Hsien Ming, Mr Jonathan Tieh, Dr Dhesi Baha Raja, Ms Teoh Jou Yin