Teatro America

Is now under restoration.

Calle Galiano, La Habana. Teatro America entro en restauracion Abril 2017.

Habana’s rolling car-signs

The electric and neon metal street signs of Havana are the architectural equivalents of the rolling stock of antique American cars on the city’s streets today. The cars survived but the signs did not fare as well. Many of the most prominent signs heralded the names and logos of American brands which were at that point considered part of Yankee commercialism and not quite as useful as the Detroit branded Chevys, Fords, Mercurys and other gems from Motown that were vital to public transportation on the island. Through the Sixties, Seventies, 1980s and through today they just keep plying the city streets in service to the Revolution. In an economy marked by lack of materials and supplies much of the urban signage was re-purposed-probably some were even used to repair the Mid Century cars.
Above are two examples of a 1940s and 1950s era Motown vehicles that are literary rolling signs of today’s Habana streets. These two beauties represent the best of both genres of Habana Noir. Enjoy!

Prado 264 Bar Restaurante

Prado 264

Tres Monedas a hipster spot for Havana culture and nightlife.

Tres Monedas is an artist created restaurant. An immersive sculpture created to present themes of mid 20th Century Havana and it's urban lore. Kadir Lopez Nieves, collaborating with Chef Luis Alberto Perez, has recovered the genre of art cafe in Havana. The art, the performers, the drinks and the food are high art. Located on Aguiar St. In Old Havana.

Tres Monedas Kafe Noir

Aguiar No.209 e/ Empedrado y Tejadillo, Habana Vieja

Teatro America is under restoration. April 2017.


Habana Malecon 1950