Commons Choreographic Division of Embodied Research enables an autonomous organisation of social practices, inclusive of the coördinates of their respective structures.
Within a common knowledge pool gathered in the Department of Bad Television,
the practices bear affinities with Social Choreography (Andrew Hewitt / Michael Klien), the Undercommons (Stefano Harvey and Fred Moten) and the Ljubljana School of Psychoanalysis (Zizek / Zupancic / Dolar / … )

“So these four points can be resumed: col­lect­iv­ism again­st private prop­er­ty, poly­morph­ous work­er again­st spe­cial­iz­a­tion, con­crete uni­ver­sal­ism again­st closed iden­tit­ies, and free asso­ci­ation again­st the state.”

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Thought Fields / Think in fields

OPEN CALL / artist invitation

This artistic research practice aims to study and generate possibilities in other ways of thinking our current cultural, ideological and economic paradigms of artistic lives.
Thought Fields / Think in Fields… find themselves inspired by what we share and affect within our personal and collective means.
Thought Fields / Think in Fields… invites artists and researchers to constitute a dialectic of knowledge production and applied - social - choreographic practices.

Thought Fields / Think in Fields… are in contingency with the Department of Bad Television, wherein a common knowledge pool is gathered and published.

Thought Fields / Think in Fields… applied practices - both an interpretation of existing knowledge and present practice, are guided through work sessions in the Commons Choreographic Division of Embodied Research, for bridging and quilting practical ideas within forms of commoning.

The project works with free contribution. Depending on how many artist-researchers would like to take part, our work sessions are to be happening on a variety of days about twice per week in Brussels at Studio City Gate, Studio at House VDH and/or Cunst-link gallery.

Contact [email protected] for more info about joining this alternative practice of artistic research and presentation.

Thought Fields / Thinking Fields…Research Process

At start the research project will emphasise the necessity for a common resource puddle from where to derive knowledge from. This consists mainly out of texts, lectures and videos - gathered on the DBTV channel. Researchers will be able to post on the channel, and anyone on the internet will be able to view the materials posted. Depending on the research questions at hand, the material from the DBTV serves as a point of departure, reference, inspiration and/or critique for the bringing into movement of choreographic research practices.

Through practice - trial and error, analysis, reflection, tuning, etc. - the practical research conducted and discourse produced in CCDER will most probably bring forth actual manifestations of interpreting the research matter. Here the focus of the research will not be much on the discovery of new practices of cultural exchange or attributing value to new forms of social interaction - rather the focus directs towards bridging the gap between idea and embodied experience. Following this logic, the research results in providing understanding of ideas - bringing them about in the real, and returning these research results into potential new possibilities of enacting mediation. The purpose of the research practice will unfold idiosyncratic and diachronic in time- spaces, while affecting the bringing about of sense through the continuous rethinking of our intimate dreams, singular aspirations and collectivised utopia’s, in order to be an empowered structural challenge to the fantasies of a globalised vision.


tel: 0032 488 367 723

contact person: stef meul