Introduction & Profile:

If world is ready:
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Welcome! My name is Alex Antoniou and I am writing to you from Baltimore, Maryland. I am a physician trained in Nuclear Medicine and Clinical Informatics passionate for all things digital health, and recently moving into the Big Data & Analytics industry. This is a fascinating and wonderful world that sort of sprang up out of nowhere for those of us who spent their 20s inside the hospital walls. So it’s amazing that I get to learn all this content and let my imagination run wild with all the potential future possibilities. I’m excited at the speed of knowledge discovery and adoption and ask you to join me in understanding the what..and a little bit of the how of big data & analytics.

The tentative blog topics are as follows:

  1. What is Big Data & Analytics?
  2. Big Data & The Chief Marketing Technologist
  3. The Data Scientist
  4. Obama’s 2012 Big Data Research and Development Initiative
  5. What is SIEM? And How is it related to corporate Big data
  6. New uses with big data (sentiment analysis?, ensemble learning?)