138: Outlining The Grid

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Seven Years of Soccer in the US of A

The way to proceed after having written so many books was to research better. Read more and document more. This was his big demise: it never came to anything substantial. Life always went on, aimlessly.

Soccer was different. If any game could be extended to the rest of life it would be soccer for him. Through a counter-intuitive risking of his pride and sensibility the prospect of Simple Soccer Forever appealed so much to him that he
forgot about everything else.

And that was all he had ever wanted anyhow. He had been playing since four. None of his friends had. His dad put the largest-ever picture in the local newspaper of him as a boy inside a ridiculously humongous goal. The goal of the pursuit of happiness. To always be creative with a ball.

Or to have a ball in the first place. Have a ball. Kick it. Or read these lines about how to play the game of

Simple Soccer Forever

as a life-changing game. Defying all doubts regarding moral compass,
ethics and religion. You are done. Healed.

If you play till game over it means you found your game. If you play for fun you have found your game. If you choose to be alive without trying to ball you have not found your game. The free flow of words can only be stopped if you believe either no game or a different game will take over.

It’s a false flag, but oh well. It still beats total ineptitude.

The day before he had injured his knees playing soccer. One knee had an open wound from falling, the other a strong-headed meniscus problem. He had been RICE-ing it to no avail.
He felt like writing about the rain that falls but no one knows or wonders where it is going. Nor if it will ever come back.

Will The Rain Come When I Stand Here Forever?
When the rain falls will it go there forever?
Will we go there together?
When the rain falls will It go there forever?
Will it seep through the soil?
Will it come back in another shape or style?
Will I see that tomorrow?
If the rain falls will it go there forever?
Will it seep through the soil and be one with it all?
When I fall down will I fall down forever?
Will I be there forever?

He had wild dreams in those days. Not just about soccer and scoring goals. He always forgot about writing his dreams down and then forgot about them as soon as he picked up his phone in the morning to check for messages and email. That was usually within 20 seconds after awakening.

He had a morning dream. He was in his soccer friend Dirk’s house near the sea and took a leak but the bathroom moved and he ended up downstream.

Taking Alan Turings legacy to an end we cannot distinguish between device and person. What is being selected as communication is better pierced-through if traveling with analytical tools such as 138, providing overview and some sense by emphasizing our narrative in time (our story) and our social handles as deeply connected emotions (Milarepa).